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Emerge Technology and Solutions

Forged in the long friendship and shared aspirations of its co-founders, Emerge Technology is the company behind the Kigali-out Project. We are a team that works hard to find innovative solutions and opportunities in and around the City of Kigali.
Kigali-out is our first and favorite project because it incorporates everything we all love; Food, drinks, and entertainment. Our Goal is to be a definitive guide to what’s going on in Kigali City. From the latest new restaurant to the best DJ gig in town, we want to be like that friend that always knows what’s going on in town!
Let us guide you around the city. Sign up to our website, and get started.

The Team


‘Travelling a thousand miles is better than reading a thousand books’, or so the adage goes. Kigali-out was born out of the vast travelling experiences shared by its co-founders. It’s the experience of using sites such as to find your way around an unfamiliar city, and the lack of an adequate online city guide in Kigali that Kigali-out emerged.

While an online city guide is not exactly a new idea, Kigali-out is unique. Our website has been purposely built from the ground up to set it apart from the crowd. Our creative team has designed a platform that is aesthetically pleasing but more importantly made it easier for users to reach their desired information.

Looking into the immediate future, we are currently working on a phone application that we hope will truly change the way people plan their leisure time in Kigali.

With the strong support from our partners, sponsors and financiers, Kigali-out has laid a strong foundation for success. The company is very grateful for the avid users who have shared their constructive opinions and reviews.


Kigali-out’s mission is to be the most trusted, useful and go-to source for quality dining and leisure activities in Kigali. We strive to link eateries and entertainment venues to their intended customers while also creating a platform for customers to make smart decisions and share their experiences.